Monday, 26 October 2015


On Sunday my family went up to Stratford in Taranaki and we went to watch the New Zealand hockey players it was a great shiny day and there were lots of stools and lollies and crafts sold in tents we went to watch the New Zealand hockey men's and women's both play Australia, the score for the Woman's hockey game that was played before the men's was 1-1 all, so they had to go to a penalty shoot out and New Zealand lost so Australia won 2-1, but while the New Zealand and Australia women's was been played a lady from Hockey Taranaki came up to me and said would you like to lead out the New Zealand's men Hockey players and I said yes so she said meet behind the courts at 2:50 so we did we all got given the same top for everybody there was a person per every player from Australia and New Zealand, I went the New Zealanders and I held there hand and walked into the middle of the field and then Australia went first at singing their national anthem, then it was us we were all on T.V singing the national anthem for our country it was fun then after the both national anthems we walked off the field and the game started, sadly  we had to leave but in the five minutes we had to leave Australia scored to goals I got lots of things on Sunday and it was a great family day out , Did you go? Have you ever been to a New Zealand hockey match? These are all the questions I am asking myself, let me know in the comments below also have you ever been to the T.V?

Here is a picture of all the things and cool stuff that I got on Saturday I got a panflit saying which game was being played a what time and all the players names, a bag, a wrist band some thunders sticks and socks for playing hockey as all my family at hockey players or have been hockey players.

This is the T-Shirt that all the people got given that were going out on the field with the players the color was red because they could not put black on black.

Also the people that were going on the field got given a free wrist on it said Go Hockey so we had to wear that and the red T-Shirt we also got to keep them at the end of the day which was a bonus thing we got. 

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