Saturday, 17 October 2015

New bunnies!!

Today we went outside and we found that Madalines bunny was pulling out its fur and putting in in the corner of the cage and nowhere else. After we got inside from feeding the bunnies we searched up why do bunnies mult. It said it could be having bunnies, or has a rash. Mum read some more and it said that what ever the bunny could find in the cage it would start combing that stuff with her furr but she wasn't doing it at the time. The next day after that we looked in the cage curious what it was doing because it was only Madalines bunny doing it and she was pulling out her furr. We looked where the furr was placed and we found that she had put the straw in it that we put in to keep them warm also the nest had got bigger and we we're suspicious. Two hours later we went and fed the bunnies and when the bunnies were eating the furr was moving, I moved a piece of furr and we found two pink little bunnies, when bunnies are born there eyes are shut and there ears are folded.

Here is a photo of the nest she made before she had the bunnies we could only see two bunnies so that's all we think there is but there is another nest there.

Here is a picture of the bunnies that I took.


  1. Jorja
    This is such a great and interesting topic and I am really impressed that you took the time to take the photographs that show the detail.
    Mr Webb

  2. They are so ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! This is a great topic and I'm glad that the mom is okay too. Adorable :)

  3. Hi my name is Nicolai.

    I am a year 8 student at campion college and I am in 7/8 OD. I was wondering if you would like to be my blogging buddy. That means I will check your blog regularly and post on it.

    I really like you're post about those bunnies and how you researched to try and figure out your problem. Those bunnies look really interesting when they are born and it is fascinating what they do to make a nest. How long will it be until they start growing fur and start hopping around?

    Thank you for your post and I hope to see some more posts.


  4. the bunnies are very cute

    from Aroha


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