Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Huia

In room2 this week we have been working on information reports and myself (Jorja) and my friend Caro decided to do the Huia, The Huia is a very unique bird where the female and the male have different physical forms, Caro and I used the site Piktochart to create a collage of the Huia and explained some information about it.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Wacky wig day!!

On Wednesday the 23rd of June Auroa Primary School had a wacky wig and hair day!! All the wigs and hair were outstanding and completed to an awesome level!! The whole school gathered on our main school courts and we done a parade.

We all lined up in our class lines and set up in the middle of the courts were three tables set up so we could walk around them and have a guided circle. We started from room-8 the little kids, year 1 and finished with room-1 the seniors, my class was second to last because we are a class lower than room-1. I wore: A rainbow Afro, a big spotted headband, and some disco glasses that were yellow. It was a mufti day at Auroa Primary School.

There were sausages given out to those who paid and a selection of drinks. I got a sausage and drink!! It was delicious, I loved every bite and at the end of the day a assembly was held to congratulate the winners for best wacky wig or hair in each class. Even the teachers participated and wore a wig or even done their hair up!! Ebony got best girl in our class (room-2) and Harry got it for the boys. The winners got.....
An Auroa drink bottle and a packet of lollies, the teachers that got awarded for the best wacky hair or wig were, Mr Spice (Room-2's teacher,our teacher) and the other teacher awarded was Mrs Cathie, her costume were amazing!! The video down below that was made by Mr Bloor of video maker at our school made an amazing Wacky-Wig-Day video so I would like to just appreciate him for making that. Remember comment bellow and let me know what you think of the video or if you have any questions.

Saturday, 18 June 2016


We went up to Hamilton for a family holiday and we were visiting family friends down below are the things that we did on the days and the order that we did them in.

Day 1:We arrived at Hamilton and Went round to nana and grandad's house, when we rang the bell on his door and he opened it........ his breath was taken away because grandad thought we were coming on Sunday. We finally managed to get some words out of grandad's mouth, welcoming us and inviting us in. We were glad to see them, Myself (Jorja), my dad, my mum, and my sister went up to Hamilton (The whole family) by the time we arrived up there it was tea time so we went down to their local shop and we got Chinese for tea, it was delicious. 

Day 2:We visited the botanical gardens round the corner from nana and grandad's house. The gardens were awesome!! We took one hour and a halve go round most of the gardens (but it was worth it) They were astonishing and gave us some good ideas for our own big garden at home. We then went home and a hour later we traveled out to the base to get grandad some new clothes.

Day 3: then at 3:30pm in the afternoon we traveled to Johnny and Anne our friends that lived just out of Hamilton, they lived in Te Awamutu a little town the locals call (TA). Then when we got there we unpacked our bags and play pool on their pool table.

Day 4: We had crumpets and eggs on bread for breakfast and then we played tennis with their whole family and our family. We had a tie!! Then we traveled home. 

My story: The gardens

We entered the huge gates, as stone pebbles crunched beneath my feet ,the echoing sound of birds filled the air. Blossoming tropical flowers laid before me leading the way.

We fluently strolled across a concreted path which led the way into the tropical garden. The wet leaves dripped icy cold water down my neck, a sharp shot of ice fled through my body, my spine shivered. 

Led before us a waterfall surrounded by a pink tinged magnolia, SMASH!!, water crashed against a tiled clay wall. As we entered the Italian gardens my eyes lit open. It was an astonishing sight. Everywhere you looked it was perfect, nicely cut edges, perfectly cut hedges, and laid on the middle of the garden a magnificent lion sculpture. It was awesome!!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Lake Rotakare

On Monday the 6th of June we went to Lake Rotakare for a nice day out, to go for a work and get some excersise but if I had of known how far we were actually going I would have turned back at the start of it!! 

We were going round the whole fenced area and to get round we used wooden old cracked steps with stone pebels inside of them and then the plane old dirty track. Alongside me my dad (Leslie), my sister (Madaline) and myself (Jorja) as you guys all know!! We took nothing but our old plain rugged jackets to keep us warm if it suddenly got cold. No drink!! and No snacks!! as we strolled down the dirty crumbling track we soon regreted not having....

Water as it soon became a huge factor we all were dehighdrated but we pushed on our stomacks grumbling as we strolled into the dense bushy terrain. There were some astonishing veiws, we could see.... Mount Taranaki/Mount Egmont and also as we got further into the walk we could even see Mount Ruapehu. I managed to get a few snapshots of the sectacular veiws from above the reflective lake below us. Down below are the photos I took. We even got to see a stick insect because it jumped up on dads arm and it flung on him.

The track in total was 4-6km long (Isnt that far!!) and it was estimated to take 2-3 hours long but the speed we were going we were easily done in 1 hour and 45 minutes. We were speedy. Have you ever been on a walk out or gone out for some excersie comment below and tell me all about it, I love hearing from you!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Check it out!!

My new blog, today I created a new blog and it is about writing. I will put up stories and events that I have done up on my blog and write about them. The reason why I had to create a new blog was ... there are these awards call the Moa Kluster that take place every year in Opunake a small town in Taranaki. In these award there are many different sections and one of those sections is Your own blog that I entered in last year and fortunately won. But they have mixed the idea meaning you would have to create a new blog from scratch and focus it on one main idea and my idea was-(Writing) one of my favourite subjects. Every second day I will be posting on it so go check it out!! Also if you would like to check out some more imformation on the Moa Kluster/Moa Awards click on this link here-http://moakluster.blogspot.co.nz/

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