Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Write a recount

Watch out!!

We shot round the corner, I was swept off my feet. Air rushed passed me, my neck hairs stood on end as I watched the logging truck topple in front of me.

Crack the wood snapped in two, the truck buckled into the road, metal scattered all over the road into twisted shards with sharp pointed edges digging out big gouges of tarseal. The crate snapped off its hinges laying on the dented road two metres in front of me.

OMG!! I shouted, my mouth dropped. 
Mum replied “How did that just happen” her face was puzzled from the confusion.

The driver of the truck hopped out of the truck slowly trying to avoid even the slightest move that could cause more damage.
He said “Man that was a close one” his face pale as if all the blood had been drained out of his body. “For both of us” mum chattered her face frozen from shock. 
“I'm not coming up this road again” was the last words that came out of my mouth as we slowly drove down the road.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Building brick pillars in the garden

A week ago mum wanted to build brick pillars in our garden so mums friend Shellie came round to help cause she use to be a builder and she brought the quick dry cement for us. First we had to get all the bricks in a pile then we mixed the cement all up with water a halve a bucket of water, we were making three brick pillars in the garden all of the height of seven-(7) bricks. Shellie arrived st 12:00 am and we had three hours until mum had to go to milk the cows. We were doing two-(2) bricks wide which made us use fourteen bricks in each pillar and we had fifty bricks available. The surface was dirt so we had to make it even by using some concert and flattening it down. Then we layed our first bricks down on top of each-other. (Making a pattern) We then done the same thing again and we layed the bricks on top of each other. We done the same for three things three times until we had finished all of our three brick pillars. We were then up to the finishing touches which was ..... We had to smoothen out all of the bumps and chips in the bricks and after we had done that we waited for the pillars to set and the final result looked amazing. It only took us two and a halve hours in total I think from when we started to when we finished, Have a go at building some yourself!!! It is a fun experience that you will enjoy, I certainly did!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Electrical challenge

On Tuesday room2 done a electronic challenge and the children in room2 had to build circuts and complete set challenges. We got into groups of five and one group of six. Each group got a electronic board and materials they could use. If the group went up to Mr Spice and got something wrong they would get points five points deducted off them, Each group had three challenges to complete and had a computor for each group to write up their set codes. They had two blocks to complete all the challenges and only two groups completed all of the circut challenges. The smarticles came first that group including Jayden,Fergus,Katelyn,Zariah and Jorja. Also the team that came second concludes of Regan, Ebony, Grace Ashton, and Sol.

The circut board

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