Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Harry my cat!

This is my very big fluffy cat, his name is Harry and he is currently nine months old, we got him last christmas. He loves to play and especially his favourite thing to do is annoy me and my family!! He loves playing outside and is very active. He is a ragdoll cat, ragdoll cats are so fluffy just like Harry. Harry's nickname is Big fluff-ball and suits his name as he is so soft and fuzzy!! We have three cats in total, including Harry. Do you have pets? What are their names? Comment below and let me know!

This video I created on iMovie and shows some things that my cats likes to do including. Playing, Eating and Sleeping. These are among the many things Harry enjoys.

This photo I edited and designed from an original picture and turned it into a canvas piece of artwork.


  1. Hey your cat looks really cute!! Your really good at editing photos. Hi my name is Callahan and I live in Austin, Texas. Your blog is really pretty too!!!

  2. Hello my name is Preston from Mrs. Kriese's Class in Texas. Harry your cat seems like an amazing pet. The iMovie you made was really cool and the photo you edited looks great! Have fun with Harry!

  3. Hello, I am Andrew, I am from Texas. I love your cat, Harry! Harry is the kind of cat I can picture myself with in the future. The photo is great! What editing website did you use?

  4. Hi, my name is Alejandra from Mrs.Krise's class in Texas. You're cat is really cute!!! Also the photo you edited it really good.

  5. Hello my name is Audrey, and im from Texas!! Your cat is so cute!! I have a cat too and he looks a lot like your cat!! Those edits are super cool, your really good at photography!! You should defently check out my blog!!


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