Friday, 25 September 2015

A visit from Taranaki players

Room3 from Auroa Primary School was lucky enough to get a visit from our student teacher Miss Boshiers brother Lachlon Boshier and his friend Reabun-o-neil they came to our school to give us signitures and take photos it was just like a meet and greet both of them a very talented at rugby but it is there first year playing. In class we got handed out posters that were signed by both of the rugby players we also took photos and here they are.

Here is a photo of me, Lachlon who is on the right and Reabun who is on the left.

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Here is a photo of the class and the rugby players.

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Taranaki Cross Country

Here is a picture of Hawera show grounds where we raced.

Today from all around Taranaki school's people were arriving at the Hawera show grounds to race in the Taranaki Cross Country running there were all the schools from all round Taranaki here today to race first up was the Nine year old girls and under, The first race was at 11:00am and then the nine year old boys and under raced. Our school was Auroa Primary School. My friend Bethany from room3 had a amazing run and so did the rest but Bethany came 5th well done to you. Then after the nine year old boys it was my race and in my race there were five people representing Auroa School my friend Machenna and Charlottle also Lexi, Kyah and myself (Jorja). My age group had a amazing race Kyah coming 10th Charlotte coming in the thirtys and then it was me coming in at 58th then Lexi at 69th and Mackenna at 71st well done to everybody who raced today and well done to everybody who got in the top ten!!

Here is a photo of the nine year old girls and under.

Here is a photo of the nine year old boys and under.

Here is a photo of the ten year old girls. (My race)

Here is a picture of the eleven year old girl.

Here is a picture of the eleven year old boys.

Here is a picture of the twelve plus girls.

Here is a picture of the twelve plus boys.

I give credit to Mrs Ericsson for taking all these amazing photos and for sharing them with all of us and well done to her for being there before the races and getting everybody ready you done a very great job if you would like to visit her great blog click on this link here-Room5@Auroa Primary School.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My Lamb Licorice

Here are some pictures of my lamb that I took when I was feeding it. 

Last week I got my Lamb for calf and lamb day at Auroa Primary School (APS), it is one of the many big events at school. But I wasn't the only person who has got a lamb or calf so far, Mums friend does the lambs and gets all the lambs for mum to give to people who are having lambs for calf and lamb day. I called my lamb Licorice because Licorice can come in black and white. I feed my lamb 250 mills of milk 3 times a day in the morning, at lunch and at night after we feed our calves. My Lamb sleep's out in the stables by our house with hay. Have you ever been to a calf and lamb day? Have you ever had a calf or Lamb? These are all question I am asking myself so comment below!!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Survivor Room3

Over the past week Mr Webb, Mr Bloor and the whole of Room3 at Auroa Primary School are creating a video of survivor. Mr Bloor has  produced a stunning video which we're going to use as the opening credits. Our students had a first challenge of the show - they had to have a 'serious' face when they were formed for the opening sequence - which wasn't as easy as everyone thought! During the holidays we'll be showing several episodes - apart from being contestants our students are also responsible for the filming, editing, props and planning so everyone is involved including the eliminated contestants. First episode will be released later this week. I hope you enjoy the video!!

Go Taranaki!!

The photo Caro and I got with Berny Hall.

The photo Caro and I got with Hika Elliot.

On Friday the 18th of September I got invited to my friends house. Her name is Caro and they were wondering if I would like to go to the game with her and her dad. I said yes he came and picked me up at 5:30 after school and we then headed to the game when we got there in the family zone there were free nuggets and chips that was our tea. We then went to find our seats we were row-B in the stadium at New Plymouth right up the front with a great view of the hole field. Caro sat next to her dad and I sat next to Caro. Taranaki was vs Waikato my teacher Mr Webbs favourite team. Both rugby teams had to wear there club rugby socks and we saw Hika Elliot wearing Coastal socks that is Caro's dads rugby team (He coaches). During the game they were throwing bread out to all the seats the old fashion way and we cought a loaf. We also got to be on the TV 4 times cause the camera-man was right in front of us. After the game we were allowed on the field to take photos and get autographs Caro and I (Jorja) got 9 autographs and a photo with Berny Hall who had a great game and got man of the match so well done to you and then we got a photo with Hika Elliot caros dad took the photos. After the game we went to McDonalds and we got a drink then travelled home to Caros house and we went straight to bed.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mount Spa cross-country


Today Auroa school competed in the Mount Spa cross country competition against five other schools. It was held in Mania. My age group was the ten year old girl's we had to run 2km and the 11 year olds and up had to run 3km. The people competing in my race from Auroa Primary School (APS) were Kyah, Charlotte, Jorja (Myself), Mackenna and Lexi we all done very well getting in the top ten from our school in this race, I think there were twenty people racing in the ten year old age group. I came 7th out of the hole race and 3rd out of Auroa Primary School my next goal is to complete the Taranaki Cross country run held at Hawera and good luck to everybody else running as well. Comment bellow if you have run in any cross country races and where I would love to hear from you!! Here are some photos that Mackenna and Harry took and made a iMovie, I hope you enjoy it.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Egmont Hockey Prizegiving

 On Sunday we went to the Te kiri hall for our prize giving, We had a pot luck lunch, A pot luck lunch is where everybody from our two hockey teams brings a plate to share with everybody. First we handed out the trophies for the senior team, Sol, Leim , and myself got awarded trophies and then it was time for the junior teams trophies, First up was Avana for most improved player and then Keara for Most valuable player and all there team was awarded with a metal to congratulate them on there first year of hockey. After all the trophies and meatals were handed out we took team photos and here they are.

Our Senior hockey team.
Back row: On the left is Meran one of our coaches, then Ellie, keifer, liem Our goalie, Daniel, Logan, And our other coach Vicki.
Second Row: Sol, Rian, Richmand, and Jayden.
Front Row: Lara, Jorja (Myself), Renee, and Madaline my sister.

The Junior hockey team
Back row: On the left there coach Grant, Keara, Mckenzie, Lily, Regan.
Front Row: Taylor, Sofy, Ivana, Alyssa

Here is a picture of the trophie that I got it was for most consistant player that means I always tried my bes

Monday, 7 September 2015

Picking Tamarillos

My Pic-collage that I created of pictures that I took of the picking of the Tamarillos.

Yesterday we went to our friends house and we picked some Tamarillos, Tamarillos come in different colours including Purple. But the orange and yellow ones are the sweetest flavors the first picture is the inside of a Tamarillo because we cut a Tamarillo up and we tasted it, it was sweet and had a tarty taste to it. Tamarillos grow on a tree, if you know a friend or someone you know who has a Tamarillo tree if you want to grow your own, by taking a cutting of the tree or sometimes if you can get a sprout and pick it off then you can grow your own. 

A Tamarillo tree or plant is fast growing some Tamarillo trees can grow up to five metres tall. You may not know that a Tamarillo is also known as a Tree Tomato. The fruits are egg shaped and grow 4-10 cm long.  Good shelter is vital as quick-growing Tamarillos are very brittle, have large soft leaves and tend to be shallow-rooted so exposure to strong winds can cause serious damage. Have you ever tasted a Tamarillo? Do you grow your own plant/tree? These are some of the many questions I am asking myself so comment below!! 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Happy Fathers day

Today it was fathers day as most of you know and I am wishing you a great day for whatever you are doing especially my dad!! For fathers day Madaline my sister and me (Jorja) got our dad a box off chocolate and a new chainsaw he had been waiting for, for a year now the first thing we did though was we cooked dad a nice breakfast we cooked hime eggs on toast, bacon and we also cooked a hashbrown for dad he loved it. Tell me what you did with your dad on fathers or where you went? Let me know by commenting below.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

My page-views (9000)

I thank-you 9000 times!!!
Thank you for 9000 page-views, I completed 9000 page views this week But first I would like to thank all my page visitors and all the lovely comments you have wrote. By the end of the year my goal is to get 15,000 or over at this rate it might be possible keep sending in all the good feedback and I will be sure to get to my Goal. My most top five most popular posts this year have been......
1>Comments on my blog-Link
2>My bunny Cinnamon-Link
3>Our unusual Visitors-Link
4>Room3's graphic image challenge-Link
5>A frozen day at home-Link
Visit theses links and it will take you to these post that are my top 5 most popular.

Auroa Primary School (Junior STEAM)

Auroa School 2015 Junior Steam from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

This iMovie was created by Mackenna, Zariah-jay and Jorja (Myself) I hope you enjoyed it to create this video we used the app iMovie and you can find this app on your apple devices.
Over the last couple of weeks we have been doing the Junior STEAM what is the Junior STEAM you may be wondering well let me tell you from years 1-3 are lucky enough to be working with each other in a group you were choose to be in. The different groups are the following groups down below they include.
4)The inner-core also known as the Deconstruction group
8)Cooking and last but not least three-D designs/3D designs

Along side the Junior STEAM group is years 4-8 they are the older kids and they get the chance to do Freanch , Japanese, Or if they want Kapahaka as I am in the Kapahaka group I have some knowledge about it and these two other groups if you are not sure I hope these answers will help you!!

What does the Kapahaka learn? The Kapahaka group learns witaras
What is the Japanese group learning? How to speak Japanese
Also what is the French group learning? They are learning how to speak French and I hope these videos will help you!!
Can you figure out what these people are saying? Do you compete in any of these tasks or activities? I would love to hear from you comment below!!

Caitlin, Jessica and Kaiah

Riley and Caleb

Charlotte and Renee

Also Tamara and Aroha

I hope you enjoy these videos they were created by some of the students that are in that French group they also used the app iMovie.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Daffodil Day@Auroa Primary School

Last friday at Auroa Primary school we celebrated Daffodil Day to help the cancer society here is some of the photo-age that Mr Webb my teacher took while the student council sold all the classes at Auroa Primary School daffodil day related materials including A Daffodil day bag,Daffodils that you wear on your T-shirt and many more great things. We made over $600 at this fundraiser and just like the rest we made a video to show you some of the highlights.

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