Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Time To Shine

My Time To Shine
Finally our class was called out everyone is waiting for their name to be drawn then...... Mine was.

Walking up towards the stage, slowly does it, adrenalin running down me spine everyone was watching me like eagles watching their prey. I finally reached the steps come on Jorja you can do this 4 more steps and your there.

Here goes nothing I murmured to myself. Three more steps and your there it's not that hard! Well for me it is. Dig it in I thought to myself. When I do things I finish them the floor boards cracking under my feet and with only 1 more step to go........ And I'm there. See it wasn't that hard after all.

Plus I got a reward at the end of all that fuss and I thought I done well !!!!!!!

By Jorja

Friday, 16 May 2014


To start our repurposing unit off, we decided to find out exactly what jobs are needed to create a product. we used the lolly fruit burst and brainstormed what jobs we think are needed to make the delicious treat. we used an app called Popplet to show our work.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


It was time time for the game to start.

The whistle squealed go. The thundering foot steps of the competitors were like a herd of elephants stampeding. The crowd was roaring go Jorja go.
Everyone's eyes were glued to the attention the ball. Come on Jorja hit it in the goal come on. Every second counts I murmured to myself.

The air thundered out loud with the sound of a goal. Shouting yes the point go's to our team. Then...the whistles surrounded me by its sound it was shouting half time.
By Jorja

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