Thursday, 8 October 2015

Our visit to Air Zone

On Tuesday we went to Air Zone I went with my mum , my sister Madaline and myself (Jorja) Air zone is located in New Plymouth Taranaki we booked a time of 10:00am in the morning and you have a certain ellicated time to be in Air Zone we had a hour. When we got to Air Zone in New Plymouth we got special socks and mum said next time I am allowed to invite three friends and Air Zone is not the only trampoline place in New Plymouth there is another place in New Plymouth called Mega Bounce and people say that is really good as well. The rules at Air Zone were that only one person on a trampoline square at a time. As soon as we got there my sister Madaline and I (Jorja) jumped straight into the foam pit and I lost my sock as I was getting out of the foam pit. At Air Zone there were different parts to the trampoline areas there was another place where you could go play dodgeball and we went to play in there and we played dodgeball I won because I hit Madaline the most from her shoulder down. After we had finished our hour playing time at Air Zone we went to do some Christmas shopping and I got a new iPad case we had great fun at Air Zone and I'm looking forward to bringing my friends next time or we might be going to Mega Bounce.
Here is my story that I wrote about my visit to Air Zone.

Title: Air zone here we come

Air zone I shouted as I was excited for the first time visiting.

We entered the building sweat ran down my face, we walked to the counter and the man said "here you go" we got given blue air zone socks covered with orange grip at the bottom. He gave us a wristband to tell us where we were.

"Walk through this door please" the man said politely telling us the direction to go. We pushed the door open and we found....

Trampolines so many of them. Also a foam pit with a padded surrounding ensuring a soft landing.

We jumped right in and felt a soft landing as we were floating on a white fluffy cloud.

I had a great time at Air Zone playing different games and jumping and I'm sure to visit again sometime soon.

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