Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Taranaki game

Which team do you think is going to win? Comment below!! On Thursday the 8th of October my friend rang up on the phone and she said would you like to come to the rugby game held tonight the people playing were Taranaki and the Taranaki were playing Tasman, When Caro rang up and said if I wanted to go I said yes with out a dought. Them my mum talked to Caros mum and we found out it was the theme of onzies for the kids so we had to wear our onzies to the game to win prizes. The team isn't just called Tasman there real name is the Tasman Marcos. I had a great night and the final result was that Taranaki lost 35-18 to the Tasman Marcos. Here are some photos from the game.

My friend Caro and I before the game ready to do the onezie walk over for this we had to walk into the middle of the field while the players were practicing and walked back.

The bull for Taranaki driving before the game.

Here is a photo that I took during the game before they were having a scrum.

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  1. Jorja
    Its the Tasman Mako's because thats the Shark they have on their jersey. I am surprised that you did not mention that you were up on the big screen at least twice during the game! Don't forget to use the spell check with your posts please.
    Mr Webb


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