Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Our Visit To Brookland Zoo

Our Visit To Brookland Zoo
On sunday the 23 of march we thought it was a great day to go to New Plymouth and go to brookland zoo when we got there we saw a variety of animals one as small as a lizard to one as big as a donkey. Here are some photos of the animals we saw.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Cutting wood

cutting wood
On saturday the 22nd of march we got outside and got to work because we had to cut like 30 peices of wood in the wood spliter these are some pitures of when we first started and when we had filled the wood shed up half way


Half way through

Friday, 21 March 2014

Our calf

Our calf
This is george our pet calf and this is a photo of him 

Athletics day

Athletics day
Finally the day has come to retrieve our shield again.

Calling all the 8 year old girls up to the tent it's your time to shine dad shouted.on your marks get set go!!! I shot off like like a shooting star.
I'm half way there don't stop now go Jorja go dad shouted I'm nearly at the finish line and straight into 1st place I go. We'll all my training payed!! Off I thought.

The end of the day was nearing and it's just about time for my next race. We were lined up straight across the starting line as still as trees we layer until bang went the gun suddenly...move dad shouted? Before the blink of light I was gone and I had slipped into....
2nd place and past the finish line I go with a blue stick.
By Jorja

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

About me

All about me
Hello my name is Jorja im 8 years old and its nice to meet you this is my first blog post and i'm really excited about having my own blog this couple of years

Athletics day

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

our bike ride

Our bike ride

Go go go I shouted and off I went down the rocky track bump bump ooh no I was biking as fast as I could then bash suddenly I fell off my bike a big frown covered my face ouchhhhh.

I was determined to win and I won't let this hold me back so I carried on biking I was coming in third place when then again I fell of but I only fell on grass that didn't hurt at all I murmured hoping on my bike carrying on sprinting I came in 7th we'll that was...

Hard I shouted then around the corner came mum hello I shouted how are you not so??
By Jorja

Triathlon day

On Friday walking out to the field I said nervously what's this day going to turn out like. I had butterflies in my stomach. Line up said mr chittenden I lined up in the middle triathlon line. Mr  chittenden said middle triathlon boys go up I knew I was after them shaking nervously with sweat running down my skin. Line up girls mr chittenden said loudly. On your marks get set go I shot off like a rocket.

Round the first flag I go passing all the other runners I slipped into 4th place.while the race was going on i heard the thundering footsteps of the other runners thump thump I looked around some more and noticed that we were entering a whole lot of prickles ouch,ouch I thought to myself how bad can these prickles get?

Half way through the race I slipped but I was determined to come in the top 10 what ever happens to me. I was determined to beat my sister Madaline also and not let her beat me. She was coming up beside me but before she could say anything I was gone!!!!
By Jorja

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