Wednesday, 13 January 2016

It was so lucky

Have you ever been lucky in your life? I did today the 12th of Janurary my family my mum (Vicki), my sister (Madaline, and myself (Jorja) were travelling home from New Plymouth because we went up there to do some shopping and.......

We turned round the corner and were 2metres away from a logging truck and mum slammed on the brakes and we fell forward, mum pulled on the brakes because the logging trucks back trailer had smashed around and dug into the ground plummeting all the logs over 500kg all over the road.

Mum said a couple more split seconds and we could of been gone. Parts of the trailer dug into the ground leaving dents in the road. The driver was so shocked and so was I. Mum backed up just in case we rolled down the hill as it was steep. Since it happened on the hill the logs rolled down onto the grass leaving space to zigzag through the logs so people could carry on their trip. 

I took some photos down below, the photo of our blue family car does not seem as close as mum backed up but it would have only taken halve a second said mum, we were so lucky. The truck driver came over and apologised and said the only way it could have happened is because I was going to fast he explained. Have you ever been so lucky? Do you drive a truck? If you do be careful because anything could happen even if you don't expect it.


  1. Jorja
    This is one of the posts that you have created that has me amazed. You've chosen to write about a really dramatic topic and one that has me thinking about your experience - I almost can't believe that you blogged about it, but I appreciate, as always the efforts that you have made. The pictures that go with this are unbelievable. Its a sensational piece of writing.
    Mr Webb

  2. Oh my goodness, Jorja! That was one harrowing escape! I am pleased that you and your family are safe and that the truck driver was okay as well. I am impressed that he apologised and explained his error... that takes a big, honest person to do that.

    I agree with Mr Webb and am also impressed that you have blogged about this on the day that it took place. The photos and your post show me that you really understand the essence of writing and blogging. This is not the recount you will write when back at school it is a journal of your experiences, thoughts and actions.

    Ka pai! I am a fan of your blog!

    Ms Bee from Shotover School in Queenstown.

  3. Wow! What an incredible story.
    I love the way you write - you had me hooked!
    I love your blog and will continue to check back in.
    A huge tino pai from Singapore!!!!
    Keep up the great work
    Mr K

  4. Great writing job. You had me hooked and wanting to know more.

    Shay from Oregon

  5. wow sounded like am pretty bad acsadent

    from caris

  6. Like a real journalist, you have reported on an event as it happened. I also get that writing is a great way to get rid of strong emotions. When I was your age I had a diary. This would have given you a huge fright!

  7. You were so lucky. You wrote about it so well that I was waiting to see what happened next. I'm glad you and your family and the truck driver were OK. Your Mum was very thoughtful and had quick reactions to the situation. It took courage to write about what happened on the day and with lots of photos to show what happened too. Mrs B @leonie_hastings. Saw this on Twitter. This shows the power of your blog and social media. You have shared your story all around NZ

  8. Wow, Jorja! What an incredible event. You were so lucky and you write so well about it. You've really captured the emotions of what happened. How scary this must ahve been!
    And to answer your question, yes I have been very lucky before. In fact, about an hour ago I was incredibly fortunate. It is very, very windy this morning in Christchurch and as my son and I were driving down the road, a trampoline blew over a fence and straight into our path on the road! My heart was beating so hard. What an adventure!

  9. Thankyou so much!!!
    For your lovely thoughtful comments, I was very shocked at what had happened at the time and then it came to me. The main thing is that nobody got hurt in this accident. I loved hearing from all of you.

    Thanks Jorja, Taranaki, Room3, Auroa school

  10. Oh goodness! That was so scary! Whew, so glad you are all OK. Yikes! You did such an excellent job writing about it - wow. Jorja, you are amazing! I have seen these trucks here in Canada and will now watch them very carefully! It can all happen so quickly! Your mom did a great job keeping everyone safe. Your report and the photos make this very real!

  11. What a scary experience! You have created a beautiful message out of something that could have been so tragic.

  12. Wow! Glad you and your family are safe! That's always been one of my biggest fears with those trucks. The pictures do a great job of showing what you survived.

    Well written!

    Roy from Washington State, USA


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