Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hamilton here we go

Mum had to go up to a appointment on the 30th of September and so we went with her and me and my sister went up. Since we have our nana and grandad up there cause they live up there we went up on the 29th and we stayed up with them the night. When we were traveling there we stopped and had lunch at tiffanies at Te Kawiti and we had a piece of bacon and egg pie then we traveled past Otorohanga and we met up with our friends living there as we were using up time and getting fresh air because it was a four hour drive from our house to Hamilton and I get a bit car sick and when we were visiting our friends I took a photo of the kiwi there the picture it up above. We then made our way to Hamilton to our nana and grandads house at Howells ave. When we got there we unpacked our bags and said hello we were happy to see them. Also my brother Harley lives there in Hamilton and he came round to nana and grandads house to see us cause we never get to see him as they are so far away after we said hello to them we went and done a few jobs that grandad and nana wanted done after that we came back to there house and relaxed and stayed the night. The next day mum had to go to her appointment at the Waikato hospital and that was at 9:30 in the morning and after that we headed home as we had to do the calves that night. When mum got home we found out that she had to go and have a operation in a couple of weeks or so. So we will be able to see nana and grandad again soon and next time we go up there the calves will almost be finished so we will be able to stay a few more nights. We headed home at 11:00am and we got home at 1pm.

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