Thursday, 31 March 2016

Kaponga's 125th Jubilee

Today we had the Kaponga 125th jubilee and the kaponga athletic club put in a group of children to carry the banner down the road amoung that group were myself (Jorja) , my sister (Madaline), harry gibson and the gargans.

It was a great day, the parade started at 1:00 but we had to get there earlier to get everyone ready. If you don't already know Kaponga is located in North Taranaki, New Zealand. The floats all started by the Kaponga athletics club rooms and we walked all the way to the Kaponga Primary School. Many people and children came to watch the parade and many people that use to live around or in the area Kaponga came to celebrate there 125th Jubilee.

Our family has been round this Kaponga area from when I was young and I am know ten years old and my sister (Madaline) is also 12 years old and we have been competing for the Kaponga athletics club running since we were young so most of my grandparents and family came today. It was a hit!!
If you dont know the area here are some images of the little towm located in North Taranaki-Kaponga images. Comment below if you have any questions also comment below if you have been in a parade or have gone to see one?

Kaponga athletics club prizegiving

Last night we went to the kaponga athletics club running prizegiving and our family done very well, there were lots of people there and many came to watch.

The night started off with a speech from my dad (Leslie) the president then it went on to the prizegiving, they wanted the little children to go first so they would have the chance to go back home as they were getting tired. 9 Year old boys was called out and as I was sitting next to my opponent Bethany, I said" we are next" She replied Yea.

We were up the ten year old girls "Jorja symes" dad said through the microphone, "1st in champ points 2nd in club points". I was pretty happy with myself. We Recieved our certificate  and then we Recieved  a kaponga athletics club pen and notepad also a easter egg, it was awesome!!

We then went over the Shey who was talking the photos and she took a photo of myself (Jorja) and my opponent (Bethany). I got a trophy and written on it was kaponga athletics club 10 years girls winner.

The night came to a close but as we always do we had supper and everyone was digging in to it ,it was a fantastic night and everyone enjoyed it. Also if I haven't t mentioned already I got another trophy in the special awards for field events like discus, shotput and highjump and this is pretty funny I tied with my sister (Madaline) Isnt that cool!! Comment below if you have been to any prizegiving before or been apart of one.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Kaponga athletics club 50th Jubilee

On Friday the 18th of March 2016 we were helping with the 50th jubilee for the Kaponga athletics club. Since dad is the president we had to go and dad had do a speech and welcome everyone and myeslf (Jorja) , Madaline my sister also Baleigh Collins our friend and Ellie kovaleski and lastly Bradon Taylor.

We were doing the dishes for the night and there were 58 people that were going. All us five had to wear our Kaponga athletics club uniform and we had to collect all the plates and drinks and set all the tables up. The two lovely people that were making dinner for the night Merry Detning and her husband they cooked everything and I have to say they done a great job.

Firstly they done all the speeches welcoming everybody and apologies for the people that couldn't unforchinatley make it. Then they got straight into tea. I think everybody almost went up for seconds cause the food was great!! then after tea all the helpers collected the plates and then washed and dried them after that they played a slideshow of photos from in the earlier days and how far it has come from many years ago also they had a table set up with all the history and records from years ago. It was a great night!!

Then we went to the pudding and they had a great selection, once they were finished we collected there plates once again and hen we put out all the tea and coffee and just as we were finishing the night we had some athletes that were in the Kaponga athletics club years ago came up and said a few words then we ended the night. I personley thought that the night went very smoothly and everybody had a great time having a talk and catching up with people they haven't seen in a while. Comment below and tell me if you have ever been to a jubilee or have been involved in one I would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Huhu grub

Today while myself (Jorja) along with my brother (Taylor) and his friends Logan and Keiran we were doing wood and it was for my brother Taylors house ready for the winter.

He lives quite a far way from our house so he brought a massive trailer to help carry all the wood back to his house the only problem was it was going to take longer because they have a small fire at there house and so that meant we had to cut the pieces up into smaller pieces but Taylor said his chainsaw had run out of petrill so then dad was out there and he said "well heres the axe" you young guys should know how to use the axe we all had to do it in our younger days so its your turn to learn.

Taylor was up first, "lets see how this goes" dad murmured to me behind his back "yea" I replied with a grin on my face. Taylor to his first swing and crack the wood split into two peices "that was easy" Taylor said then Logan added "yea you might be going on a good streak you may-swell do all of it" Taylor then added no way. Logans turn was next and he had a go at his fist peice of wood and it failed then he tried again but he still couldn't do it so..... Mum said put that piece of wood in the too hard pile for Keiren to have a go at. yea sure thing Keiren said.

Meanwhile Logan was cutting the wood and we were loading up the trailer we noticed something orange moving in the wood then we moved closer it was a huhu grub. When we found it I deared Logan to eat it and he did he sucked on it a bit and chewed on it a bit. Huhu grubs eat wood and live in the wood have you ever seen a huhu grub before? comment below and let me know.

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