Friday, 29 May 2015


In the morning at my place there was a massive frost even inside it was 10 degree's with the fire on unbelivable right here is a picture I got of the frost outside. Also when we  went to school my finger's felt like they were frozen this is probably the coldest day we have had so far in a long time I thought it was going to snow at one point but it is definitely not as bad as Dunedin they are having very bad weather by bad I mean snow if you would like find some more information about the snow in Dunedin visit my friend's blog Zariah-Jay.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Soccer playing at Kaponga

Yesterday morning we went to watch a soccer game at Kaponga cause mum's friend's kid was in the kaponga soccer team so we went to watch him when we arrived the score was 4 all and it was getting really interesting they faced a team from New Plymouth also there was a person at our school who plays in the kaponga team who is Logan and we also left at 10:00 because we were going to hockey and when we left we saw the kaponga rugby team getting ready to play and I saw 3 classmate's who play in the kaponga rugby team. The soccer was a really interesting game and hope to watch them play again sometime.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Poem time in room3


Our adventure's in room4 @ Auroa School

A few day's ago our whole class went into room 4 at Auroa school beacause we were exsperimenting with one of the teacher's at our school mr spice you will also see I have put up a slideshow on my blog so check it out and try it at home but outside!!! Tell me your result's in the comment's below that will be much appreciated.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Science time

Today on the 18th of May we took part in a science experiment that took place in room 5 at Auroa school we had to complete a task of blowing a bubble inside a bubble and see how many time's we can do that also we had to try to hold a bubble in our hand's of course we were going to wet our hand's first right cause you should know that bubble's hate the dry so if the bubble hit the dry table or whatever it would pop to make this bubble's you would have to get these material's dish washing liquid,Sugar,A teaspoon and a cup to put your water in also a straw. I hope you try it out at home give it go and tell me how it goes. In the comment's below. This picture was taken by myself with my classmate Jordan holding a reassembly big bubble about the size of our Palm. We also done this experiment with a teacher at our school Mrs Ericcsen.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Our visit to Lake Rotakiri

Yay all my family went to lake Rotakiri and we went for a 2 hour walk my sister,Mum, and dad joined me through the walk my sister Madaline and I took lot's of photo's I took around 50 photo's and here is some of the many phew good pictures I took also here is some information about lake Rotakiri all the land around it is fenced of in a big net because they are afraid of and sort of bad animal or pest getting into lake Rotakiri because it has alsort's of different bird's some you would of herd about like the tui,Kiwi even the fantail if you would like to also find out more in formation then click on the link it will tell you about the walks and the native bird's  Lake Rotokare
Also I was wondering if you have been to some amazing places? If so I would much appreciate it if you comment below.
Throughout this post you will see people in the picture's if so they are myself or my sister Madaline 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How to clean a Bearded dragon's Vivirium

Goal:How to clean a Bearded Dragon's Vivarium



1.Scoop out any food or waste at the end of the day.

2.Clean out the water every day.

3.Every couple of month's change the sand in the Vivarium cause you will start to see a change in the Bearded Dragon's skin that means it will be shedding.

4.Every week at least once give the vivarium a good brush remember when you are brushing the Vivarium make sure you put the Bearded Dragon in a secure box with holes in it.


If you use these instructions and get the these materials you will have the Vivarium cleaned.


Tuesday, 12 May 2015


On Monday for science we went into a teacher's class at our school her name was Miss Bunker for our science experiment we mixed tissue's with baking soda and vinegar and we had the vinegar in the zip-lock bag and baking soda and tried to shut the bag once kyah my friend and i had closed the bag up we waited and waited and nothing happened I think it's time to give up Miss Bunker said and we tipped out the vinegar and baking soda on the grass and walked back to class after that we done some information about why it didn't work and finally we came up with 2 answer's just check out my slide's and find out what those answer's are then give it a go at home id love to hear your result's you might get better result's than my class did.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Blue time

Blossoming blue orchids
Blue taste like blueberries melting in my mouth
Tweeting blue bird's
Rushing blue river's
The blue sky surround's me
The blue wave's wash up to shore
Beautiful blue butterflies fluttering through the air
Bountiful blue color's my world
By Jorja

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Procedure writing (How to make lemonade)

Here is a slideshow I made about making lemonade cause for writing in room 3 we were looking at procedure writing the construction of the writing goes the goal then materials and also step's and in this slideshow you will be able to find out what materials and step's you will need to make great lemonade so follow these three easy step's and give lemonade making a go.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Poem time (The colour yellow)

Yellow is sweet

Yellow smell's like dafidal's 

Yellow is the colour of the sun

Yellow taste like the tart from a lemon 

Yellow is my new favourite colour

Playing with the dog

We had a great time on Tuesday playing with our friend's dog our friend called around and picked up a whole bag of fejoa's cause we have two big trees and all our friend's come to grab a bad each cause every day there is more then twenty fejoa's on the tree blossoming every day the dog's name is Ziggy and it is six year's old while they were here we also went down the beach and talk it for a walk it was great fun.
Do you have any unusual fruit's?
And I'm still wandering what pet's do you have? I have a cat called Otis and we are also trying to tame two wild kitten's out in our porch we feed them everyday and they are getting friendly now.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Down the farm


Yesterday my dad, Mum and myself went down the farm and by then it was night we saw this amazing  view and I took a picture of it on my Ipad do you have a farm? or do you work in the city?

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Hockey time

On Saturday my sister Madaline and I Jorja participated in a competitive game of Hockey we entered the feild in a Offaly way and got off the feild with a two nil win against Hawera it was a very close game but we came out on top my sister madaline was the goals for our team out team is called Egmont we practice every Thursday at Opanake on the hockey pitch hockey is a fun sport so give it a go. What port's do you play?
Here is a piture of my sister Madaline in her hockey gear.

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