Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Huhu grub

Today while myself (Jorja) along with my brother (Taylor) and his friends Logan and Keiran we were doing wood and it was for my brother Taylors house ready for the winter.

He lives quite a far way from our house so he brought a massive trailer to help carry all the wood back to his house the only problem was it was going to take longer because they have a small fire at there house and so that meant we had to cut the pieces up into smaller pieces but Taylor said his chainsaw had run out of petrill so then dad was out there and he said "well heres the axe" you young guys should know how to use the axe we all had to do it in our younger days so its your turn to learn.

Taylor was up first, "lets see how this goes" dad murmured to me behind his back "yea" I replied with a grin on my face. Taylor to his first swing and crack the wood split into two peices "that was easy" Taylor said then Logan added "yea you might be going on a good streak you may-swell do all of it" Taylor then added no way. Logans turn was next and he had a go at his fist peice of wood and it failed then he tried again but he still couldn't do it so..... Mum said put that piece of wood in the too hard pile for Keiren to have a go at. yea sure thing Keiren said.

Meanwhile Logan was cutting the wood and we were loading up the trailer we noticed something orange moving in the wood then we moved closer it was a huhu grub. When we found it I deared Logan to eat it and he did he sucked on it a bit and chewed on it a bit. Huhu grubs eat wood and live in the wood have you ever seen a huhu grub before? comment below and let me know.


  1. Hello Jorja,

    I have never seen a huhu grub but it looks similar to a witchetty grub. Did Logan say what it tasted like?

    Mrs Atherton
    Hopwood C P School, England

  2. Jorja
    I have never tasted a Huhu grub but of course but I have heard that it is supposed to taste like peanut butter. Is the photograph that is with the article taken by you did you find it somewhere?
    Mr Webb

  3. Hi Mr Webb yea I took the photo of the huhu grub and Mrs Atherton yea Logan did say what it taste like and he said it taste like peanut butter as everyone says!

    Jorja,Taranaki,Auroa primary school

    1. The reason I ask is thats such a professional looking image and I think it fits really well with the post - if you weren't sure about a Huhu grub and wanted more information that would be the incentive to do so. Its a great combination of a strong piece of writing and stunning image.
      Mr Webb

  4. Jordan, yes I have tasted a huhu grub. But I have forgotten the Samoan name. You brought back memories of when I was 9 years old also chopping wood. we went further and built a fire and cooked the grubs. Yes they defenitely tasted by peanuts. I will ask my friends and family and get back to you. I loved your visual writing. I could see everything as I was reading. I am a teacher and would like to know how old you are.

  5. In the United States it really isn't part of our culture to intentionally eat bugs so it seems kind of yucky to me. I will be more than happy to take your word for it that it tastes like peanut butter because I have no plans to find out for myself ;)

    Mr. C

  6. A little Huffman's hot sauce would have made it go down smoother :)

  7. Hi Sonya Van Schaijik
    I am 10 years old and I have been blogging for around two years now, Thanks for you comment it was great to hear from you.
    Jorja,room2,Auroa primary school

  8. WOW Jorja,
    What a fabulous post to read. I loved reading about something that was so much a part of my childhood. My brother was the one always teasing me and scaring me with worms and bugs, and the huhu grub has always scared me more than a little. When I saw this post I thought you must have been to the wild food festival in Hokitika at the weekend, but no, just a back yard feast! I wonder if you get a chance to explore where around New Zealand people celebrate 'wild' food? Thanks so much for sharing your story.
    Anne K

  9. Yum! Peanut butter! I remember eating home at the wild foods festival in Hokitika a few years ago before I moved to Singapore! Great blog Jorja!
    Mr K

  10. Hey Jorja! Love peanut butter but don't think I'll try eating bugs anytime soon! Loved the details and emotions you put into your story. I could really visualize what was happening!

    Beverly Ladd
    Wilmington , North Carolina,USA


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