Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Hawera Intermediates shocking fire

Firefighters have been battling a large fire at Hawera Intermediate School since early Tuesday morning.

At least three classrooms are burnt out.

Hawera chief fire officer Mike Fairweather said they were called to the fire at 5.50am.
At the height of the fire three classrooms,a hallway,the school hall and to other classrooms at the back of the school were totally destroyed.
Hawera chief officer said there were 13 fire appliances and 48 firefighters from South Taranaki, New Plymouth and Whanganui at the fire, it took about two hours to bring the fire under control and bring out the flames.
After the fire and everything is cleaned up there next main step is to determain what happened to start the fire.
Maddison Greenhalgh a 11 year old girl from Hawera intermediate said she woke up to the sound of sirens and only realised half an hour later that her school was on fire. Her mother drove both her and her sister to the school to see what was happening.
Today there School day was canceled and they are trying to fling a replacement of where they are going to go and learn. 
Schools around Taranaki have offered to help out but there princapal said thanks but they need somewhere to acomadate 333 students some people that you may know.
I wish the best to the investigators to find the cause of the fire and why it started and the students, teachers, parent helpers and all the people at there school to find a new place to work and especially the fire fighters they have been working very hard and I hope luck comes your way. 

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  1. Jorja
    One class is going to the high school they have a spear class at the back wish them all them all the best


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