Saturday, 4 July 2015

Wellington here we come

Today we travelled from Palmersten to Wellington to go on holiday we were lucky enough to get tickets to the rugby game hurricanes vs the highlanders and we are going to that tonight on Saturday we were lucky enough to miss the tragic in the city and take the bus we were staying at a motel and arrived there at 11:30/ halve past eleven in the morning after one hour shopping in the bid city of Wellington and a stroll down the street to the local shops we were more then welcome everywhere we looked we could see many people saying hello how are you today we replied good thanks. Alongside mum,dad my sister Madaline and myself Jorja as most of you know we walked down by the sea and the harbour. These pictures were taken by me on the way to Wellington there is a picture of a train that we saw that was heading where we were going. Also there is a picture of wespac stadium that's where we are going tonight it is also known as the cake tin cause it is a round circle and the other picture is of the big building at Wellington while we are here we are going to make the most of it and we are going to the museum Te-Papa in the morning at ten o'clock in the morning on Sunday and we are going to see the palerment building on Sunday and to finish off our hectic day we are heading to the movies to watch he new movie out minions. I hope to post after our long trip and tell you all about enjoy.

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  1. Jorja
    Great idea for a post and can't wait to read the rest of your details about the trip (and the game with what happened). Don't forget the importance of proof reading your post to make sure that you've got capital letters and paragraphing.
    Mr Webb


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