Thursday, 9 July 2015

My amazing holiday

On Friday my family went down to Palmerston North we then stayed a night at my uncles Roberts house and caught up with him he had a cool dog that was a poodle and the dogs name was Oscar. He was a energetic dog and loved anyone that would pat him. After catching up with my uncle my dads brother we traveled to Wellington on Saturday it was a long ride and after having a couple brakes and some lunch we had arrived we used google maps as our navigation tool and it did not fail us as we made it safely to our motel/hotel we then had a brake for 20 minutes and set off to town walking as we would loose our park if we used the car that's how full Wellington was everywhere we went there were people saying hello how are you we said fine thanks. Then after a ten minute walk we found a shop it was a music shop called the rock shop we then decided to go have a look at a microphone stand there as my sister Madaline plays the piano and sings we thought it would be easy to her if she didn't have to hold the microphone while playing. After grabbing a microphone holder we then looked at the guitars as it was almost my birthday and since i had found a interest in playing the guitar mum said 'we better get the one that fits right so after trying three other guitars we found the right fit we then mum and dad said we will take it i had a grin on my face as did Madaline at the great things we got. After heading out shopping we got a rest back at the motel cause we were heading to the big game of rugby on Sturday night. Hurricanes vs the Highlanders while we were walking there from our motel we could see the beautiful sky that's the third picture down it took us a twenty minute walk to the westpack stadium by then i was getting hungry so we got a packet of donuts each. At half time the hurricanes were loosing to the Highlanders as the hurricanes fans all cheered. The end result of the game was 14-21 to the Highlanders all the hurricanes were disappointed but they moved on the next day we traveled home as we were meant to stay two nights but mum and i were sick and so we made our way home on sunday but before that we went to te-papa the museum in Wellington and saw a life scale model of the war. After that we went to see the parliament building also known as the bee-hive. Madaline and I got a photo in front of the old parliament building and then we went home and when we got home we had a relaxing time we all had a sleep.


  1. Hi Jorja - I have really enjoyed reading your post, today. I love the fact that you and your classmates are blogging over the holidays and would like to say that this is a quality piece with loads of detail! I am sorry that you and your mum were unwell and that you had to end your holiday early but it sounds like it was jam packed with loads of good memories. PS - I was quite excited that the Highlanders won... It's been a long time coming.... When you see Mr Webb, next term... Tell him that I said "gggggoooooooooooooo Highlanders!" :)

  2. Jorja
    Firstly I wanted to congratulate you on your post - its an excellent description of your holidays which includes some fantastic detail and some really great recount writing. Secondly I wanted to mention that you've again included some stunning photography with your recount that really explains what happens and the details that you've put in. there are some things to consider you do need to run the spell checker through your writing, there aren't many mistakes but there are some little things that need tidying up. Don't also forget as we've talked tin class to reply to people who are commenting on your work.
    Mr Webb

  3. Hi Ms Bee
    I loved hearing from you. Im sure to pass that message onto Mr Webb when I get back to school after the holidays. I would love to keep in touch with you.


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