Monday, 20 July 2015

Birthday time

On Monday it was my birthday I was turning ten and for my birthday I was allowed a friend over to come and stay so I got Caro we picked Caro up on Wednesday and she stayed the night at my place while she was at my place we had to use up our time so we decided to go see our binnies Bubbles and Squidley Bubbles is mine and when we went to see the bunnies Caro got bit in the finger but it wasnt that bad we just put a plaster on it. Then we played minecraft on my creative world and built a house together. Then at 2:00 we went to the shop Verdigris which is located in central Stratford the shop is a craft shop and we got to do some resining Madaline my sister also got to get a friend over aswell and her name is Lexi. After putting our aprins on we were off in no time and then it finally came time to resin our peace of work I sat next to Caro and when it came to the resining all I could hear was Jorja can you please help" every second. But thats a good thing right? We had to leave our peace over night and when we came back the next day after that my one had fallen of the side that means I must have put a bit to much on. OOPS!!!! then after picking them up we went back home. But before we picked them up we droped Caro off back home cause she was staying at her nanas house that night on Thursday. I hope she had a great time at my party I sure did.

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