Thursday, 2 July 2015

Minecraft mastermind

Over the past few weeks I have been building this sculpture and mansion on minecraft I have managed to build halve of the mansion copied off the YouTube page and I am finishing of the interiar now I also have built a sculpture as you see in the pictures here I have designed and built a awesome way to take up space on my world to make the sculpture you will have to use three of the coulors you want of wool and you will need stone slabs leaves and a Quartz block to go around if you would like to make one of these things I have built you are more than welcome to use my idea if you get stuck on building the mansion visit the YouTube page at enjoy!!


  1. I love the possibilities of Minecraft, Jorja. Your next step could be to film your journey, I wonder If Mr Webb could help you with that?

  2. Mrs Hyde
    Thanks for your feedback for Jorja - she's a fantastic student and will be thrilled to have a comment from a Deputy Principal in Rotorua. She's actually away from school today and has posted from home so I will discuss her post when she gets back to school - she needs to add more detail and an explanation would really help, thank you for your feedback.
    Mr Webb


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