Thursday, 30 July 2015

Maori Language Week

This video is created by Myself (Jorja) and my friend's Harry, Zariah-jay, Caro,Bethany and Mackenna filmed the video for us. If you would like to visit their blog's click on these link's Caro's blog,Mackenna's blog,Bethany's blog,Harry's blog, and last but not least Zariah-jay's blog.
This video was created by my classmates Mackenna,Ashton also Catherine if you would like to visit there blogs click on this link here Mackenna's blog and Ashton's blog Catherine's blog is not put up yet sadly.

This week as most of you would know is Maori Language Week and our class and the rest of Auroa Primary School has been working on something to teach to people and we thought that we would teach you guys how to play...... The Maori hand game Peki. Together with Zariah-jay,Caro,Jorja-(myself),Bethany and Harry we got together in the Auroa School hall and created our video we got right to it!! Mackenna was also part of  our group as she videoed for us. On Friday Caro and Bethany were lucky enough to stand up in front of the school and present or video. I hoped you enjoyed it! If you learnt how to play the game and have enjoyed us teaching leave a comment below.

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