Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A frozen day at home

Over the past week we have had some impressive weather we have had amazing lows. Our lowest temperature was 2 degrees and over night on Saturday we must have had it down to minus because our lawn was frozen in the morning and all you could see was a white FROST lawn but when it got later in the day and the sun was shining brightly it started to melt and you could finally see the grass again. In these two pictures there is one that shows a close up of our frozen lawn on Saturday this picture was taken when we were heading to Hawera. The other picture that is shown in this post is a picture of the Taranaki mountain if you look closely you can see all the snow that is very low down on the mountain that's why it is so cold everyday.


  1. Hello Jorja, I love that you are writing on your blog in the holidays! This weather is annoyingly cold but beautiful at the same time.
    I love your photos, especially the one with the grass. Did you just take that with your cell phone?
    I hope you are enjoying your holiday break.
    Mrs Hyde
    Mokoia Intermediate
    (I'm a friend of Mr Webb)

  2. jorja
    there has been some bad weather for the past few days there has
    been some frozen windows

  3. Hi Jorja. Thank you for posting about your frozen day at home. Here in Alberta it is a very hot, dry summer! We have had many days over 30° C which is very hot for us! It was refreshing to see the snow on Mt. taranaki and the frost on the grass. Thank you for adding the beautiful pictures, it looks very cold!

  4. Jorga
    Fantastic that you've had feedback from someone local, someone from another part of New Zealand (Mrs Hyde from Rotorua) and Mrs Grosfield all the way from Canada - that's a great feedback for your post! Great to see the holiday effort as well - there are only some students posting in the holidays so its a great way to build your audience, and of course you are nearly at 6000 pageviews which is a fantastic achievement!
    Mr Webb


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