Saturday, 25 July 2015

Room3's graphic image challenge

Here is the pictures of my entries for room3's graphic image challenge that took place on Tuesday. We all went outside and went to different place's at Auroa Primary School. We went to the playground,court's, and the field we took five minute's at each place and took  varitey of different place's. Mr Webb our teacher told us to decide on two or three photo's of our favourite photos. We had to put all our photo's together in a slide where we had to put our name on the slide it was optional though and we had to put one of our picture's in each slide our google slide was a hit to the viewer's on Mr Webb's blog and it was a easy way to display our amazing photo's. Do you like taking photo's? I definitley do!!! My family live's on a farm so it is a great way to take photos. Ecspeshaly when we wake up in the morning and I see the Mountain Taranaki outside the back door. Also we have two bnnie's and taking close up photo's of them look's amazing. This slide we made has amazing photo's but who's photo do you think is the best? Comment bellow and tell me who you think I would love to hear from you.

This slide was created by: Mr Webb and also the student's of Room3 at APS (Auroa Primary school).

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