Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Amazing posting in Room3

Have a look at some of the amazing posting room3@APS (Auroa Primary School) have been doing if you click on this link it will take you to Paige's Blog and there you can see some of the great posting she has been doing about the rescue hellicopter.

Also you can click right here and it will take you to Rico's Blog where he has been building a cops and robbers mini map over the last couple of day's and had a little bit of assistance from his cousin. The app he used was Minecraft which is a popular game used by many of the students in Room3. Minecraft assentuley is a game created using blocks of different sort's. To find more information about this app and how it is used here is a link to a Minecraft site where you can fin even more information.

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  1. Hello Caro, Jorja and Bethany

    Parallel to the main entrance door on the west side there is a cupboard.
    On the wall of the cupboard there is a pull down projector turned into a green screen.
    Beside the cupboard there is a sink with some boxes of books and teaching materials, in front of this is the teachers’ table and a couch.
    Along the south (front) wall is a apple TV hanging on the wall with a small teaching space beside it with a whiteboard, chair and a mat to sit on, adjacent to this is the math trolley and the side door.
    The east side wall is mainly taken up by whiteboards, on this there is a timetable of what we are doing today and a to do List. Along the north wall (back wall) there a windows and our tote trays which we put most of our school books.
    Beside these is a big teaching desk where we can choose to sit and our book shelves. Around the classroom are groups of around 4 to 5 desks for us. We have walls between classes but our cupboards are shared between two classes
    The walls are decorated with our work and helpful information. Everyone has their own laptop that we keep in cupboards during breaks.

    From Zelle and Annabelle


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