Monday, 7 September 2015

Picking Tamarillos

My Pic-collage that I created of pictures that I took of the picking of the Tamarillos.

Yesterday we went to our friends house and we picked some Tamarillos, Tamarillos come in different colours including Purple. But the orange and yellow ones are the sweetest flavors the first picture is the inside of a Tamarillo because we cut a Tamarillo up and we tasted it, it was sweet and had a tarty taste to it. Tamarillos grow on a tree, if you know a friend or someone you know who has a Tamarillo tree if you want to grow your own, by taking a cutting of the tree or sometimes if you can get a sprout and pick it off then you can grow your own. 

A Tamarillo tree or plant is fast growing some Tamarillo trees can grow up to five metres tall. You may not know that a Tamarillo is also known as a Tree Tomato. The fruits are egg shaped and grow 4-10 cm long.  Good shelter is vital as quick-growing Tamarillos are very brittle, have large soft leaves and tend to be shallow-rooted so exposure to strong winds can cause serious damage. Have you ever tasted a Tamarillo? Do you grow your own plant/tree? These are some of the many questions I am asking myself so comment below!! 


  1. Hi Jorja
    Great pictures, are they you own Tamarillos?

  2. Hi Zara
    I loved hearing from you and no they are not my own Tamarillos they are our friends Tamarillos and we went to pick some cause all of our family loves different fruits.


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