Monday, 21 September 2015

Go Taranaki!!

The photo Caro and I got with Berny Hall.

The photo Caro and I got with Hika Elliot.

On Friday the 18th of September I got invited to my friends house. Her name is Caro and they were wondering if I would like to go to the game with her and her dad. I said yes he came and picked me up at 5:30 after school and we then headed to the game when we got there in the family zone there were free nuggets and chips that was our tea. We then went to find our seats we were row-B in the stadium at New Plymouth right up the front with a great view of the hole field. Caro sat next to her dad and I sat next to Caro. Taranaki was vs Waikato my teacher Mr Webbs favourite team. Both rugby teams had to wear there club rugby socks and we saw Hika Elliot wearing Coastal socks that is Caro's dads rugby team (He coaches). During the game they were throwing bread out to all the seats the old fashion way and we cought a loaf. We also got to be on the TV 4 times cause the camera-man was right in front of us. After the game we were allowed on the field to take photos and get autographs Caro and I (Jorja) got 9 autographs and a photo with Berny Hall who had a great game and got man of the match so well done to you and then we got a photo with Hika Elliot caros dad took the photos. After the game we went to McDonalds and we got a drink then travelled home to Caros house and we went straight to bed.

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  1. Jorja
    It took me a while to have enough courage to write a comment on this post, as you know I watched the game and was rather partial to Waikato winning, which was so not completely the case. Great idea to feature the photos that were taken with you and the players.
    Mr Webb


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