Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mount Spa cross-country


Today Auroa school competed in the Mount Spa cross country competition against five other schools. It was held in Mania. My age group was the ten year old girl's we had to run 2km and the 11 year olds and up had to run 3km. The people competing in my race from Auroa Primary School (APS) were Kyah, Charlotte, Jorja (Myself), Mackenna and Lexi we all done very well getting in the top ten from our school in this race, I think there were twenty people racing in the ten year old age group. I came 7th out of the hole race and 3rd out of Auroa Primary School my next goal is to complete the Taranaki Cross country run held at Hawera and good luck to everybody else running as well. Comment bellow if you have run in any cross country races and where I would love to hear from you!! Here are some photos that Mackenna and Harry took and made a iMovie, I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Jorja
    Great to see you posting about the event the same day that it took place. Excellent to see you using media that other students have created (because of course you were involved in it and not really able to take photo's while you were running. The event next Wednesday should be something to look forward to.
    Mr Webb


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