Thursday, 3 September 2015

Auroa Primary School (Junior STEAM)

Auroa School 2015 Junior Steam from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

This iMovie was created by Mackenna, Zariah-jay and Jorja (Myself) I hope you enjoyed it to create this video we used the app iMovie and you can find this app on your apple devices.
Over the last couple of weeks we have been doing the Junior STEAM what is the Junior STEAM you may be wondering well let me tell you from years 1-3 are lucky enough to be working with each other in a group you were choose to be in. The different groups are the following groups down below they include.
4)The inner-core also known as the Deconstruction group
8)Cooking and last but not least three-D designs/3D designs

Along side the Junior STEAM group is years 4-8 they are the older kids and they get the chance to do Freanch , Japanese, Or if they want Kapahaka as I am in the Kapahaka group I have some knowledge about it and these two other groups if you are not sure I hope these answers will help you!!

What does the Kapahaka learn? The Kapahaka group learns witaras
What is the Japanese group learning? How to speak Japanese
Also what is the French group learning? They are learning how to speak French and I hope these videos will help you!!
Can you figure out what these people are saying? Do you compete in any of these tasks or activities? I would love to hear from you comment below!!

Caitlin, Jessica and Kaiah

Riley and Caleb

Charlotte and Renee

Also Tamara and Aroha

I hope you enjoy these videos they were created by some of the students that are in that French group they also used the app iMovie.

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