Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Daffodil Day@Auroa Primary School

Last friday at Auroa Primary school we celebrated Daffodil Day to help the cancer society here is some of the photo-age that Mr Webb my teacher took while the student council sold all the classes at Auroa Primary School daffodil day related materials including A Daffodil day bag,Daffodils that you wear on your T-shirt and many more great things. We made over $600 at this fundraiser and just like the rest we made a video to show you some of the highlights.

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  1. Hello Jorjas

    I enjoyed reading your piece about Daffodil Day. It is a really good cause. We have Daffodil Day here in Ireland too, but we celebrate it on 27th March. Why do you think that is ............?

    Did you guess? It is because daffodils don't bloom in Ireland at this time of year. In September we would plant the bulbs so that the daffodils bloom in March and April.

    Keep blogging :)
    With every good wish
    Merry Beau


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