Monday, 14 September 2015

Egmont Hockey Prizegiving

 On Sunday we went to the Te kiri hall for our prize giving, We had a pot luck lunch, A pot luck lunch is where everybody from our two hockey teams brings a plate to share with everybody. First we handed out the trophies for the senior team, Sol, Leim , and myself got awarded trophies and then it was time for the junior teams trophies, First up was Avana for most improved player and then Keara for Most valuable player and all there team was awarded with a metal to congratulate them on there first year of hockey. After all the trophies and meatals were handed out we took team photos and here they are.

Our Senior hockey team.
Back row: On the left is Meran one of our coaches, then Ellie, keifer, liem Our goalie, Daniel, Logan, And our other coach Vicki.
Second Row: Sol, Rian, Richmand, and Jayden.
Front Row: Lara, Jorja (Myself), Renee, and Madaline my sister.

The Junior hockey team
Back row: On the left there coach Grant, Keara, Mckenzie, Lily, Regan.
Front Row: Taylor, Sofy, Ivana, Alyssa

Here is a picture of the trophie that I got it was for most consistant player that means I always tried my bes

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