Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Pennington cup 2015

On Saturdays my sister Madaline and I play hockey but it was different this week we had to get a team of about 8 and one would from your team will be the goalie so there would be 1 as a sub and 5 on the feild defending they were 12 minut game's no swapping end's just playing for 12 minute's the name we were called was the fast five I had one of my friend' in goalie and she was great also we only play on a half a feild with board's all around it so it wouldn't go out and it wouldn't take Jon time in our team there was Alexis who got player of the day,Jorja that's me, Madaline, Meg,Isabelle, Renee, Grace and Ellie our team done very good even though we had never played together and at the end of the day there were the final's the option's were 5th and 6th ,4th and 3rd,2nd and 1st well eve though we lost 3 game's and won 3game's we then got to play off for 3rd and 4th and we came third it was a great outcome even though we had to face year seven's and eight's we done good and we hope to play in each other's team next year for the Pennington cup 2016. If you look up here is a piture I took of the play off for second and first and the White team came first and black and green team came second and also mum took a photo of me standing in front of the hockey turf.

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