Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Icey cold day at Auroa

On the 16th of June we went outside to play and we could see ice,lot's of ice even ice stuck in the bark to. At Auroa we have a fenced off area so we don't go outside of the school and so when Mr Webb went to school today and tried to open the latch on the gate it was frozen solid but after a good amount of pushing and heaving h got it open also in the morning we had a outstanding 6 degrees inside with the fire on. And we discussed at school that in the night time we must of had the degrees go down to 0 because that is freezing point. Also when we got to school and in the morning there was dripping wet water cause the sun was shinning even though it was cold and when the temperature started to begin to get hotter the ice started to melt from the freezing created over morning and the night.  

1 comment:

  1. Jorja
    A great idea for a post - I really like the image of you holding up the ice with the mountain in the background on one side and the sun on the other, there's a lot to it but its really good.
    Mr Webb


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