Sunday, 14 June 2015

The new members of our family

Yesterday we went to my friends house and saw some of their bunny a they are. Only two weeks old and we went to get two of their bunnys because their two big bunnys just gave birth. After picking out bunny we went in their house and were deciding on a name while mum was having a cup of tea and Daniel helped ups decide my one is the black and white one and I named it bubbles and Madaline my sisters one is the brown and white one and she hasn't found a name for hers yet. We are feeding the bunny little bunny nuts, cabbage, and carrot we can only give them little things cause they are very young. We were so excited about our new bunnys. When we got home it was 5:00 pm at night and got the cage ready first the straw next the food and after a couple of pats we put them to be since we have a cat can two wild cats we are taking we put bricks on the cage at night so if the cats trie to get in they won't be able two. Also in the morning on Monday we took the two bunnies Cinnamen and Bubbles for a walk around the house on the lead and for two weeks old they are pretty fast.

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