Thursday, 18 June 2015

Crowley cup 5/6 rugby Matipu vs Auroa

Today at Auroa School we had a very important game of rugby it was the Crowley cup game semi-final game and Auroa played Matapu we had some amazing run away's and some great tries but in the second half Matapu led and just cause of some amazing tries many of the Auroa children scored we won the semi final and the final score was 66-29 but even though our Auroa team came out on top the Matipu team played really well and it was hard for some of our team to catch up they were so fast and after that the rugby boys got to have something to eat they got popcorn,Lamington and many more things but before that the captains from each team came ford and done a speech about the hard game they had and both of the captains from each team got player of the day aswell Astin from our team got player of the day and he played very well. I wish all the Auroa boys good luck for their final I think in one weeks time also we are playing netball Crowley cup on Friday I hope it does not get called off because of the bad weather.

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