Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Flooding on the farm

Tonight we went outside only to find Dad and grandad digging with the shovels and tractor to put in a new pipe that would drain out the water that was clogging up on the lawn. We had to dig one meter down in the wet soggy mud. We said that it will be drained out by the morning and it wasn't. We also have been having very hard rain that has caused people to be moved out of their house. The rain has also damaged our drain because the heavy rain has forced the metal out of the drain down our track we were repearing this yesterday and we only got it completed today the photos that I have put up are pictures of the dogged drain with water running through and our siledge pit that was 50 centre meters high. Have you had any bad weather? If so let me know in the comments below.


  1. Hi Jorja! Oh my goodness! You have too much water on your farm! That is not good! The silage pit will really stink! I hope you don't have to move out of your house. Here is southern Alberta we have the opposite problem. There has been almost no rain! Where we live, we irrigate our crops. We have wheel moves and pivots because we are a very dry area. Lots of other places in Alberta and Saskatchewan are very dry this year too. They usually get enough rain to get a good crop, but not this year. I heard some farmers haven't planted anything this year yet because it is so dry! I hope it quits raining where you are!

  2. Jorja,
    I am sorry about the flooding that happened on your farm. It sounds like you and your family had to work hard to get it drained. I live in the United States and we have the opposite weather. In my hometown it has rained only once in the last thirty days or so, and we had temperatures over 100 degrees fahrenheit (or 37+ Celcius) for two weeks. It was miserable. I wish we had some of your rain and you had some of our dry weather. Thanks for your post, and I hope everything is dried up now.


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