Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Check it out!!

My new blog, today I created a new blog and it is about writing. I will put up stories and events that I have done up on my blog and write about them. The reason why I had to create a new blog was ... there are these awards call the Moa Kluster that take place every year in Opunake a small town in Taranaki. In these award there are many different sections and one of those sections is Your own blog that I entered in last year and fortunately won. But they have mixed the idea meaning you would have to create a new blog from scratch and focus it on one main idea and my idea was-(Writing) one of my favourite subjects. Every second day I will be posting on it so go check it out!! Also if you would like to check out some more imformation on the Moa Kluster/Moa Awards click on this link here-

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