Saturday, 18 June 2016


We went up to Hamilton for a family holiday and we were visiting family friends down below are the things that we did on the days and the order that we did them in.

Day 1:We arrived at Hamilton and Went round to nana and grandad's house, when we rang the bell on his door and he opened it........ his breath was taken away because grandad thought we were coming on Sunday. We finally managed to get some words out of grandad's mouth, welcoming us and inviting us in. We were glad to see them, Myself (Jorja), my dad, my mum, and my sister went up to Hamilton (The whole family) by the time we arrived up there it was tea time so we went down to their local shop and we got Chinese for tea, it was delicious. 

Day 2:We visited the botanical gardens round the corner from nana and grandad's house. The gardens were awesome!! We took one hour and a halve go round most of the gardens (but it was worth it) They were astonishing and gave us some good ideas for our own big garden at home. We then went home and a hour later we traveled out to the base to get grandad some new clothes.

Day 3: then at 3:30pm in the afternoon we traveled to Johnny and Anne our friends that lived just out of Hamilton, they lived in Te Awamutu a little town the locals call (TA). Then when we got there we unpacked our bags and play pool on their pool table.

Day 4: We had crumpets and eggs on bread for breakfast and then we played tennis with their whole family and our family. We had a tie!! Then we traveled home. 

My story: The gardens

We entered the huge gates, as stone pebbles crunched beneath my feet ,the echoing sound of birds filled the air. Blossoming tropical flowers laid before me leading the way.

We fluently strolled across a concreted path which led the way into the tropical garden. The wet leaves dripped icy cold water down my neck, a sharp shot of ice fled through my body, my spine shivered. 

Led before us a waterfall surrounded by a pink tinged magnolia, SMASH!!, water crashed against a tiled clay wall. As we entered the Italian gardens my eyes lit open. It was an astonishing sight. Everywhere you looked it was perfect, nicely cut edges, perfectly cut hedges, and laid on the middle of the garden a magnificent lion sculpture. It was awesome!!

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