Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Write a recount

Watch out!!

We shot round the corner, I was swept off my feet. Air rushed passed me, my neck hairs stood on end as I watched the logging truck topple in front of me.

Crack the wood snapped in two, the truck buckled into the road, metal scattered all over the road into twisted shards with sharp pointed edges digging out big gouges of tarseal. The crate snapped off its hinges laying on the dented road two metres in front of me.

OMG!! I shouted, my mouth dropped. 
Mum replied “How did that just happen” her face was puzzled from the confusion.

The driver of the truck hopped out of the truck slowly trying to avoid even the slightest move that could cause more damage.
He said “Man that was a close one” his face pale as if all the blood had been drained out of his body. “For both of us” mum chattered her face frozen from shock. 
“I'm not coming up this road again” was the last words that came out of my mouth as we slowly drove down the road.

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