Monday, 6 June 2016

Lake Rotakare

On Monday the 6th of June we went to Lake Rotakare for a nice day out, to go for a work and get some excersise but if I had of known how far we were actually going I would have turned back at the start of it!! 

We were going round the whole fenced area and to get round we used wooden old cracked steps with stone pebels inside of them and then the plane old dirty track. Alongside me my dad (Leslie), my sister (Madaline) and myself (Jorja) as you guys all know!! We took nothing but our old plain rugged jackets to keep us warm if it suddenly got cold. No drink!! and No snacks!! as we strolled down the dirty crumbling track we soon regreted not having....

Water as it soon became a huge factor we all were dehighdrated but we pushed on our stomacks grumbling as we strolled into the dense bushy terrain. There were some astonishing veiws, we could see.... Mount Taranaki/Mount Egmont and also as we got further into the walk we could even see Mount Ruapehu. I managed to get a few snapshots of the sectacular veiws from above the reflective lake below us. Down below are the photos I took. We even got to see a stick insect because it jumped up on dads arm and it flung on him.

The track in total was 4-6km long (Isnt that far!!) and it was estimated to take 2-3 hours long but the speed we were going we were easily done in 1 hour and 45 minutes. We were speedy. Have you ever been on a walk out or gone out for some excersie comment below and tell me all about it, I love hearing from you!!


  1. Jorja
    This is an extremely detailed recount which is well supported by the photography that goes with it. Writing about Lake Rotokare was a really good idea as it is a unique special place for our community. You get an idea of the scale of how big it is from the photographs and the time frame that you took to walk around it. A fantastic post and a great one that you could also post on the Room Two class page.
    Mr Webb

  2. Dear Jorja
    I couldn't help but notice your name when i was looking up my blog!!
    we have the same name! And it is spelt the same way. I was looking at your blog and saw your from New Zealand, thats so cool i live in BC Canada! well thats all bye.

    Oh and if you want to check out my blog here is the link


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