Friday, 24 June 2016

Wacky wig day!!

On Wednesday the 23rd of June Auroa Primary School had a wacky wig and hair day!! All the wigs and hair were outstanding and completed to an awesome level!! The whole school gathered on our main school courts and we done a parade.

We all lined up in our class lines and set up in the middle of the courts were three tables set up so we could walk around them and have a guided circle. We started from room-8 the little kids, year 1 and finished with room-1 the seniors, my class was second to last because we are a class lower than room-1. I wore: A rainbow Afro, a big spotted headband, and some disco glasses that were yellow. It was a mufti day at Auroa Primary School.

There were sausages given out to those who paid and a selection of drinks. I got a sausage and drink!! It was delicious, I loved every bite and at the end of the day a assembly was held to congratulate the winners for best wacky wig or hair in each class. Even the teachers participated and wore a wig or even done their hair up!! Ebony got best girl in our class (room-2) and Harry got it for the boys. The winners got.....
An Auroa drink bottle and a packet of lollies, the teachers that got awarded for the best wacky hair or wig were, Mr Spice (Room-2's teacher,our teacher) and the other teacher awarded was Mrs Cathie, her costume were amazing!! The video down below that was made by Mr Bloor of video maker at our school made an amazing Wacky-Wig-Day video so I would like to just appreciate him for making that. Remember comment bellow and let me know what you think of the video or if you have any questions.

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