Thursday, 12 March 2015

Thunder and lightning

Today at school we had a cause of thunder and lightning did you that a bolt of lightning heat's the air along it's path and cause's it to expands rapidly. The time between the thunder and the lightning hit's you can tell where it is coming from and you can tell  how far away you are from it. Did you also know that sound travel's 1 km in about three second's and a mile in about five second's these are some fact's that are quite useful in a position when it has thunder and lightning.


  1. Jorga
    They are quite useful facts but you would probably want to convert miles into Kilometres because that is the unit that we use. It certainly was one of the loudest strikes that I have heard.
    Mr Webb

  2. Jorja
    we had thunder and lightning in Opunkake it was bad it blue our phone up that was bad.


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