Friday, 20 March 2015

Meeting the Triahtlete's

Meeting the triathlete's

On Wednesday the 18th of March we were traveling to Opunake event centre to meet some of the three most talented triathlete's ever. They were talking to us about triathlon's and much more.

Did you know that in a World Cup Triathlon only 75 people are allowed in the women's and men's section. The sponsor's for the triathlete's pay for them to travel all over New Zealand.

The name's for the triathlete's were Daniel he spoke Italian and the other two were Miriam she spoke Spanish and Roberto he spoke litherwayneim also they have some unusual spot's to train and exercise they often bike in parks and forests. Daniel often swim's in a group with 20 odd people.

Miriam sadly broke her collarbone In a bike accident when they crashed while riding.

After speaking with the triathlete's it now has inspired me to do triathlon's

By Jorja

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