Thursday, 12 March 2015

Book of the week


Today I was reading a great story as you can see it show's the name and illustrator but the book's name is Matilda ill give you some information about book she has been through lot's and finally get's adopted by a nice family well that's what she think's when you' see them at hoe she get's left out and all her foster parent's care about is there real son that's enough information now so if you would like to see the book check it out it is really cool.


  1. Fantastic book but my all time fav is Danny The Champion of The World!

  2. Jorja
    Its good but I think that can rewrite your writing to include some clear paragraphs. You've written about a book about one of the worlds most famous authors so you could include some information about him and maybe a hyperlink to his site or a site about him with additional information. What was your favourite part of the book?
    Mr Webb


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