Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Caro's trip to wellington

At 12.00pm we traveled to Wellington . Our first and our last stop was Whanugi petrol station 
For 5 minutes. When we were back on the road there was a delay because of an over size 
Truck so we waited for a long time because it was real slow. Harpa keeper on asking are 
We there yet but the answer was always no. But one time it wasn't because we we're in 
Wellington! I spotted a huge cruise ships in the harbor and a crate ship on the other side
Of the harbor. I showed Georgie where we were going to watch the rugby tonight and the
Teams that were playing was Hurricanes and the rebels.
This story was done by Caro

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  1. i like the video i'm gessng that it was on vimeo


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