Sunday, 22 March 2015

A amazing descovery

An amazing discovery when I was at Palmerston North i brought this do you know what it is yes that's right it is a fossil also on the back of it which you can see it's say's it is three hundred and sixty million year's old well that's true there is a photo also on the back and it show's you what this use to look like it use to be a real living thing and the sand and water got over it and soon enough it got molded in a peace of rock or stone so I guess you could say it is a peace of history

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  1. Jorja
    That's an incredibly old thing and I thought that it was really interesting that you wrote about it the way that you did. Including a photograph with the post was a very good idea. It looks like that you've spell checked it with the editor this time which is great, but you still need to read it and check your writing because theres some words that while they are spelt correctly are in the wrong context.
    Mr Webb


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