Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Moa Awards


Last year our school Auroa Primary School (APS) and 3 other schools including Opunake,Kaponga and Matapu were lucky enough to compete in a competition called the Moa Awards. It is a series of tasks and entries that you can do.

-Best Student Blog (Intermediate and Senior)
-Best Teacher Blog (Only for the teachers)                       
-Best Short Movie (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)                
-Best Animation (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)           
-Best Music Video (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)          
-Best Educational Video (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)  
-Best Actor/Narrator/And performer out of the Videos
-Best Teaching With (ICT) (Teacher)
-Graphic Design Poster (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)  
-Best Original Image (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)                                        
-Best Maori Te-reo Maori Video (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)
-Best Book Trailer (Intermediate and Senior)
-Also the supreme/overall winner out of the whole thing
(These are the only things that can be entered into the Moa Awards)

The Moa Awards people have put up a blog about it and if you are wanting to know some more information about it click on this link here-The Moa Kluster. Last year we also had old fashion cars that took you to Opunake event centre where it took place. When we entered the building there was a red carpet that we walked along and went into the room. This video here is all the highlights from the Moa Awards that were put together. If you are unsure about anything "Comment Below"!!! I hope this video sums it all up for you.

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