Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Explanation writing

WALT:Write a piece of explanation writing describing you science experiment for AKO this year
My Experiment:A Tornado in a jar
Statement:How is a Tornado formed/created

You may be wondering how does a Tornado form well I'm going to tell you.  

Just like all winds,Storms and Tornado's begin when the sun heats up the surface of the land. As the warm less heavy air begins to rise it meets the colder heavier air above it. Also wind shears make it even easier to set the Tornado's off. A wind shear is when two winds at different levels and speeds above the ground blow together in a location.

The fast moving air begins to spin and roll over the slower wind. As it rolls on it,it gathers pace and grows in size.

At this stage it is invisible.It is horizontal wind spinning and rolling like a cylinder. As the winds continue to build up stronger and more powerful warm air forces the spinning winds vertically upward. Causing an up draft. A up draft is a movement upward of air or other gas.

With more warm air rising. The spinning air encounters more up draft. The winds spin faster vertically upwards and gains more momentum.

The spinning winds create a vortex and then the wind had enough energy to fuel itself.

The Tornado is fully formed now and moving in the direction of the thunderstorm winds.

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