Monday, 10 August 2015

Our unusual visitors

Last night when dad went to sit down on his chair I noticed a brown weta crawling along the side of the chair. I grabbed the shovel and and placed it carefully I threw it outside with no hesitation onto the wet grass. We them went inside and noticed.....another one this time it was crawling along the side of my chair. We were not sure if it was a family or if they were related because they were located close to each other. Do you know anything about Wetas? If you do know anything I would love to know comment below!! I would love to hear from you. This photo was taken by myself (Jorja) It was taken with the flash on so it may look darker.

Information about Wetas
Did you know there are five different species of wetas:

The giant weta:
The tree weta:

The tusked weta:

The ground weta:

The cave weta:

If you would like to find more information about this bug Weta click on this link here-Wetas


  1. Jorja
    I am really unsure if the two were related or a family - I think that its fairly unusual to see two of them together, so I am not sure about that. However I think that you've created a great post and I like how topical it was due to the fact that you just found the Weta. Really great to see the additional information about the Weta - which one do you think you've had inside? The ground Weta?
    Mr Webb

  2. I loved the way your experience lead to questioning and research. I know we are meant to protect our native wetas, so I am glad you placed it carefully outside. You sound so brave. I am not sure I would be so composed if I was seeing what you saw. It was great to hear your personal voice in this piece of writing.

    Mrs Cooper

  3. You hooked me into your writing! They also say that if you see one weta there are hundreds you don't see. Maybe you should check behind your fridge. I like how you carried out some other research about wetas. I wonder how big they grow.

  4. Hi Jorja, It's Miss Eve here from Shotover School in Queenstown. What a cool blog, I love the colours you've used. How did you get that fish app on your site? Thanks, Miss Eve

  5. Jorja, I had not heard of Wetas. From the comments, I see they are important to your culture and that you cared enough to be careful. I enjoyed seeing the many varieties. They are different from our hopping insects, grasshoppers. I live in Coulee Dam, WA, USA. Thanks for helping me learn something new.


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