Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sumo-Bots competition

Every Tuesday people from our school who are interested in Sumo-Bots/Robotics they go down to the big school hall at Auroa Primary School (APS) and make/created sumo Robots with Mrs Ericsson. We have six people from our class competing in it including CruzGypsyJamesonPaigeZariah-Jay and Teague. This competition is held just like the Moa Awards but not awards like that awards for the best winning Sumo-Bot that nocks the other Sumo-Bot that they are facing out of the battle area. The schools Auroa Primary School are facing are Matapu. Kaponga and Opunake. The children need lots of practice leading up to this competition it is a very hard task especially to build the Sumo-Bots from scratch. Making the Sumo-Bots is a continuas process as you have to design it, Get the materials which the school provides,and the building process. I hope our school does well in this competition GO AUROA SCHOOL!!!

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