Monday, 18 May 2015

Science time

Today on the 18th of May we took part in a science experiment that took place in room 5 at Auroa school we had to complete a task of blowing a bubble inside a bubble and see how many time's we can do that also we had to try to hold a bubble in our hand's of course we were going to wet our hand's first right cause you should know that bubble's hate the dry so if the bubble hit the dry table or whatever it would pop to make this bubble's you would have to get these material's dish washing liquid,Sugar,A teaspoon and a cup to put your water in also a straw. I hope you try it out at home give it go and tell me how it goes. In the comment's below. This picture was taken by myself with my classmate Jordan holding a reassembly big bubble about the size of our Palm. We also done this experiment with a teacher at our school Mrs Ericcsen.

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